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The Academic Success Center provides centralized support services to all undergraduate students at UMBC. The center serves as the hub for three units within the Division of Undergraduate Academic Affairs including Academic Standards and Policy Administration, the Learning Resources Center, and the Office of Academic Advocacy. Through a coordinated approach and an unwavering commitment to student success, the Academic Success Center fosters a welcoming environment that provides a one-stop opportunity through Academic Policy, Academic Resources, and Academic Advocacy for students to achieve their academic goals and claim their future with a UMBC degree.

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Academic Policy

  • Academic ombuds services
  • Admissions interviews involving prior academic misconduct
  • Course repeat petitions
  • General undergraduate academic policy questions
  • Grading method petitions
  • Late-add petitions
  • Non-applicable semester petitions
  • Petitions regarding the General Education Program and/or University Requirements
  • Petitions regarding undergraduate commencement participation

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Academic Resources

  • Appointment tutoring
  • Drop-in tutoring
  • First year interventions/alerts
  • Internationally certified tutor training program
  • Math and Science Tutoring Center
  • Placement testing
  • Proficiency-building courses
  • Supplemental Instruction Peer-Assisted Study Sessions
  • Workshops (math, writing, study skills)
  • Writing Center

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Academic Advocacy

  • Coordinated care to connect students to appropriate university resources and services
  • Early outreach with students to enhance persistence, progression, and timely degree completion
  • Guidance for students in navigating institutional policies, processes, and petitions
  • Individual student appointments for academic success
  • Response to individual student inquiries and faculty/staff referrals to assess and address academic matters that may be barriers to graduation

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