Course Repeat Petitions

Course Repeat Petition Deadlines

Spring 2022 Semester: Submit petition no later than January 10, 2022.

Summer and Winter Sessions: Submit petition no later than 3 weeks before the start of the session.

Fall 2022 Semester: Submit petition no later than August 10, 2022.

UMBC Course Repeat Policy

Students may not register for a course more than two times. Students are considered registered for a course if they are enrolled after the end of the schedule adjustment period. Students may petition the Academic Success Center for a third and final attempt of a course taken at UMBC [or] another institution. An attempt is defined as enrollment in a UMBC course (or its equivalent at another institution) in which the student has received a grade or an official withdrawal noted on the transcript.

Things to consider BEFORE submitting a course repeat petition:

  • Course repeat petitions MUST be on file and complete three weeks prior to the start of the semester in which the course repeat is requested. To meet this deadline and reduce the risk of class sections filling/closing before the petition is considered, students should prepare early such that adequate time is available to complete the Course Repeat Petition – Student Checklist.
  • Courses that have been added to students’ schedules, prior to the start of the semester, are subject to review. Unapproved course repeats classes may be removed and/or will not be calculated towards a student’s graduation requirements.
  • In general, students are not permitted to take any other repeats at the same time when a third and final attempt of a course is involved. This includes courses taken for a second or third attempt unless there is a recommendation otherwise on file from an academic advisor/Undergraduate Program Director. If the academic advisor/Undergraduate Program Director deems that more than one course repeat in a given semester is warranted then consideration will be given when the review is conducted.
  • For fall/spring course repeat petitions, the overall course load may not exceed 16 credits. For summer/winter sessions, the repeated course should be the only course planned given the fast pace of the condensed sessions.
  • Students who have a cumulative GPA that is below a 2.0, should explore options other than a course repeat petition. Students with less than a 2.0 GPA are generally encouraged to focus on classes where they are most likely to succeed.
  • Grades from the most current semester must be on file before a course repeat decision will be made for the next available semester. Also, any decisions regarding academic probation, suspension or dismissal must be final before the course repeat decision will be rendered. Students who are suspended may not be considered for a course repeat petition.
  • Grades earned in past course repeat attempts (second or third attempts) will be considered when reviewing any future course repeat petitions.
  • When repeating a class for a third and final attempt, students should plan to take the class at UMBC. Only under exceptional circumstances will a course repeat be considered for another institution. If the advisor determines that there is an exceptional circumstance, then a Verification of Transferability (VOT) must be signed and submitted to the Registrar’s Office before a course repeat decision will be made: Verification of Transferability (VOT).

Course Repeat Petition Student Checklist:

Students must prepare a written success plan that includes:

  • Personal Statement: Students must prepare a personal statement that demonstrates a commitment to passing the repeated course if permission is granted. The statement must also acknowledge the reason that the student is in a position to repeat a course for a third time and must convey the types of changes that will be made in order to be successful.
  • Time Management Plan: Students must prepare a statement that discusses their time-management plan. The statement must show adequate time for schedule of classes, study and tutoring, extracurricular activities, and any work responsibilities.
  • Alternate Academic Plan: Students must prepare a statement that discusses an alternative academic plan in the event that they fail to successfully complete or pass the repeated course if permission is granted.

Need assistance preparing a success plan? Contact the Academic Success Center to schedule an Academic Success Meeting

Students must meet with their academic advisor to discuss the written success plan and to verify that a course repeat is an appropriate option.

  • Students pursuing a Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Computer Science major must consult with the Undergraduate Program Director (UPD).

At the conclusion of the meeting, the academic advisor/UPD must submit a recommendation email to

For the purposes of a third and final attempt, students are required to secure tutoring support through a formal resource at UMBC such as:

To secure tutoring support students must submit a Tutoring Request Form here.

In the event that formal tutoring support is not available at UMBC for a particular course [or] the request is to repeat the course at another institution, an alternate tutoring arrangement can be made.

Upon completion of all steps listed above students must submit an online course repeat petition form to be considered for a third and final attempt.

Submit a Course Repeat Petition