Academic Policy

The Academic Success Center is responsible for the administration of Undergraduate Academic Policy as approved by the Undergraduate Council and the Faculty Senate. Supporting student academic success is pivotal to the role of the ASC as it is our mission to uphold the integrity of academic standards through uniform application of policy, ensuring that all students are treated fairly and equitably.

If you have any additional questions about petitions, please email

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Undergraduate Petitions

Course Repeat Petition Information

Requests to repeat a class for a third and final attempt at UMBC or elsewhere.


Late-Add Petition Information

Requests to register for a course after the end of the schedule adjustment period.

Graduation Requirement Petition

Requests for an exception to graduation requirements related to the General Education Program and/or University Requirements.

Requests for exceptions related to the major, minor, or certificate requirements must be directed to the specific academic department.

Requests for an exception to participate in the undergraduate commencement ceremony may also be submitted here. All requests submitted via this petition form will be reviewed by the Graduation Petition Committee (GPC).

Grading Method Petition

Requests to change the grading method after the published deadline.

For more information about Grading Methods at UMBC, please consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

Non-Applicable Semester Petition

Students may request to declare a particular single semester, in which at least nine credits were attempted, non-applicable to their record.

To qualify, the student must have earned a minimum of 90 credits, at least 45 of which were earned at UMBC, and the quality of the work for the specified semester must be clearly out of line with the rest of the student’s record.

In order to be considered for a non-applicable semester, the GPA for the specified semester must have been less than 1.5. Additionally, the student must clearly have changed the focus of their academic program.