Mission and Core Values


The Academic Success Center is dedicated to helping students reach their potential with a UMBC degree. We provide centralized support services to all undergraduate students at UMBC. Through a coordinated approach and an unwavering commitment to student success, the Academic Success Center fosters a welcoming environment that provides a one-stop opportunity through Academic Policy, Academic Learning Resources, and Academic Advocacy for students to achieve their academic goals and claim their future with a UMBC degree.

Staff helping students

Core Values

The Academic Success Center is guided by the following core values:

Inclusivity means providing a space where everybody, regardless of differences, feels welcomed, accepted, cared for, comfortable, and safe.  We strive to create opportunities for all students and uplift them to meet their goals. An inclusive environment provides everyone with an equal sense of belonging where all have the opportunity to provide input and the freedom to express themselves and be understood. 

Diversity includes comprehensive respect, recognition, and acceptance of individual differences in physical and mental abilities, gender identities, race, ethnicity, religious and political ideologies. A diverse environment allows everyone to both experience different perspectives and grow from those experiences. 

Equity includes intentional and individualized support to meet a person’s needs, giving everyone a similar opportunity for the same desired outcome.

Service includes a commitment to provide individuals with appropriate resources based on their unique needs. We do this through collaboration with UMBC faculty and staff, our campus community, and college learning centers around the country.

Advocacy involves empowering students to voice their desires and needs, while supporting and guiding them to find their own solutions to challenges.  

Accessibility ensures that all tangible and intangible resources can be accessed and used by any student who needs them. 

Empowerment includes equipping students with the resources and knowledge necessary to achieve their goals.  

Integrity includes using our shared values to make consistent and equitable decisions.

Education includes sharing knowledge and being present with students, while seeking to understand and hear their stories. Asset-based practices means acknowledging and building on a person’s lived experiences, focusing on what each unique individual contributes to the conversation. 

Growth-mindset means recognizing the potential to learn and achieve is not static or pre-determined and that everyone has the ability to improve.